April 29th-May 3rd | The Dance Center


May 6th-10th | The Dance Center


June 7th, 2024 | SAGU HAGEE Communications Center 


June 8th, 2024 

Show 1- 1:30pm 

Show 2- 5:30pm

SAGU HAGEE Communications Center

Meaning behind the theme

The Dance Center is proud to present our inaugural recital: A Star is Born. As many of you know, TDC is a new studio but our studio’s history and foundation can be found within the 48 years of dance at Tammy's Dance Center. Out of the end of Tammy’s Dance Center, The Dance Center was born. 

But our studio is not the only light in the sky, as we only shine as bright as your little dancing stars! Your children have worked all season for this moment and now is their time to brighten up the stage. 

Be sure to be on the lookout for little twinkles of inspiration throughout our program, such as in our company opening number, "Hercules", in dances like "When You Wish Upon a Star", and our star themed finale.

General Info

Check in-

A sign in station will be set up at the side door towards the back of the parking lot (near E University) for dancers. One guardian may accompany their dancer(s). The parent/guardian will be given a wristband and is the only person allowed to go back to the dressing rooms with their dancer(s). There will be a different wristband for stage rehearsal day (6/7) and recitals (6/8). No men or extra siblings in dressing rooms. Only siblings enrolled at TDC and performing in our show may join in the dressing rooms. 

Each dressing room will have a sign outside of the door with class times & costumes assigned to the class. Make sure your dancer is in the appropriate dressing rooms so they don't miss when our runners pull their class to go backstage. 

Your dancer will return to the dressing room with a backstage helper after their dances. You must have your wristband to go into the dressing room. Our volunteers are there to assist, not babysit. When dancers are not backstage or performing, their guardian must be in the dressing room with them. The safety of your dancer is very important to us. Please be extra patient as we make sure each dancer gets to their parent at the end of the show. If you need to get your dancer early and opt of of finale, ONLY the guardian with the wristband may sign dancers out at the station by the back door.

Dressing Rooms-

Each class will have a dressing room that they are assigned to. Dancers must stay in their dressing rooms so our runners can easily find them when it's time for their class to go on stage. Your dressing rooms can be found on your dress rehearsal sheet and photos of your class costume and class details will be posted on the door outside of the dressing rooms.

Please keep your things in a confined space and do not touch other people's things. If you have lots of dances and would like to bring a clothing rack to hang. We recommend you hang your costumes in order of performances. 

NO MEN OR BOYS in dressing rooms. 


You can download your tickets to your phone or have them printed to scan the day of. We anticipate sold out shows and cannot promise there will be tickets available the day of.

Click here to purchase tickets or send the ticket link to family and friends.


This is the last number of each show. The entire studio is invited to participate! Each age range will have their own section. In the end, all dancers from that recital will dance together to end the show.

After curtains close, we will walk dancers back to their dressing rooms for guardians with armbands to meet their dancers for check out.

For finale, dancers will wear their recital tshirt with black bottoms (if wearing shorts, dancers must have tight on underneath), whatever hair was last worn, and jazz shoes, tennis shoes or barefoot.

We'd like a notice before the show if your dancer will not be participating in the finale at the end of show. Email us at if your dancer is NOT participating in finale.


Doors will open 30 mins prior to show time! Please only get up between numbers and do not use your phones during the show. This distracts our dancers and other audience members. We've worked hard for this day and we'd love for the audience to be in the moment with us. A professional videographer will record the show. That download is included in your dancer's recital fee.

There will be a 10 minute intermission in the middle of both shows.

Dads Dance-

Dad's (uncle, brother, etc.) Dance will have their FULL DRESS REHEARSAL Saturday morning (6/8) at 9:30am

Show one will do a full run through followed by show two. Dancers and dance moms, this will be a great time to map out where your dancer's quick changes. Some will only have a number or two. We will set aside your dancer's dads dance clothes and then finale clothes in a designated spot. Please bring a gallon zip lock with your dancers name and their quick change clothes for dad's dance AND finale ready to go. Some dancers may be able to wear finale attire underneath their costume for Dads dance.


Before the start of each show, 5 and 10 year award recipients will meet in the front stage left wing to line up for their awards. We will introduce dancers to the audience and they will receive their trophy. Whichever show the award dancer has the MOST dances is the show they will be announced. We will reach out before recitals to clarify with award recipients.

In the end of each recital, we will announce our Ms. Dee Scholarship winner(s), introduce our TDC faculty and in show two, congratulate all of our graduating seniors.

Our in studio dress rehearsal is a great chance for your dancer to dance in their costumes, practice their spacing, and get a feel for performing for an audience. We will give out recital shirts, commemorative button, and stage/tech rehearsal wristband during their rehearsal time.


Do we have to wear our costume? Yes! We want you and your dancer to get the most out of their costumes by allowing them to wear them more than once. It benefits dancers to practice in their costume so they aren't distracted by them on stage.

Do we have to do our hair and make-up? No, but it's encouraged. The more you practice, the easier recital will be for you and your dancer.

Where is the dressing room? Studio B will be our dressing room for the week, as well as our two dressing stalls in the lobby. Studio C will stay a rehearsal space and/or hold acro and Lil' & Elite Wrangler classes this week.

When is my classes in studio dress rehearsal time? During your dancer's regular class time!

*Friday 9:30 am Tiny Tots will have dress rehearsal with their Thursday 5:00 pm classmates. 

Recital Tickets

Click here to purchase tickets

Presale tickets are available to our TDC families 5/13. Sales will open to the public Friday, 5/17! 

Class Info

Find your dancer's class below to see what costume, accessories, hair styles, shoes, and tights are required for their performance and pictures. You will also see their picture week times, rehearsal and recitals they are in. Not every class will have a full dress rehearsal. But every class will need to have hair and makeup for both rehearsal and recitals. 

Monday Classes
Tuesday Classes
Wednesday Classes
Thursday Classes

Recital Program Ads

Ad Submission Deadline: May 24th

Wish your dancer "Congratulations" or "Break a Leg!" with a program ad. These make for a great memory book or keepsake! 

We sell slots for our program ranging from a quarter page to a full page. These can be personal messages and/or business advertisements.

 All business logos must be submitted in PDF, TIFF, or high-resolution JPEG. Business ads can only be placed on a 1/2-page or full-page ad. 

For $10 more, your ad will play in the auditorium before the show, during intermission, and in the lobby.

Click here to fill out the Recital Ad Form

Recital Merchandise 


You will receive 1 complimentary program. 2 programs if there is more than 1 dancer in the family.

If you need more, they will be on sale at the recital.

Show Recording

This year we are moving to a digital download of the show. So many people had expressed that they no longer had DVD players to watch the recital (me included!) that we are excited to offer this new way to view the show.

As soon as the link is ready, we will email how to download to the email we have on file. Please log in to your account and make sure that it is current.

Recital T-shirts

All dancers will receive a recital t-shirt with the recital logo on the front and the cast list on the back. This is included in your recital package. We have a size run in the office for you to try on and see what size is needed. There are no exchanges once they are ordered! 

These shirts will be worn with either black leggings, booty shorts or black pants for the finale.

Extra shirts will be available for purchase for $25 each for anyone else that wants one. Orders are due by May 15th.

Please fill out the form below so we know what size you need. 

Dancer tshirt form is in office at the studio so you can try on sizes and see what best fits your dancer. The shirt is included with their recital fee.

Floral Order Form 

Makeup and Hair Tips

Do we need makeup?

Recital Sponsorship


Do you, or your business, love the arts? Show your support of our youth and become a TDC sponsor!! Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels available. For more information, click the link below.

Cast List

Each dancer will have their name on the back of the recital t-shirt. All dancers receive this shirt as part of the recital package and will wear them during the finale at the recital. Please double check the spelling of the name and to make sure no one was left off.  If a correction needs to be made, please correct it on the printed copy in the front office ASAP! If you see a ❤️ by your dancer's name it is because they are in company. If you see a 🩵 it is because they are a helper in one of our baby classes.

Christina Adebiyi

Bella Alston❤️ (EW)
Terry Alston
Chris Andrews

Henley Andrews❤️
Julia Arnaud

Charli Arnold (JW)

Claire Arnold (JW)
Halli Arnold (LW)
Samantha Bartley

Johnathan Baw (JW)
Juliet Benson
Jeffrey Benson
Chris Biles
Clara Biles❤️ (EW) 

Aubrianna Bollier
Milo Borodin
Olivia Broadus

Blake Brooks (LW)

Breece Brooks (EW) 

Makenzie Broskey (LW) 

Lydia Browne (LW & EW)
Kayley Bush

Elizabeth Cadena

Brooks Cates
Liola Catron
Eleanor Catron
Cloe Cole
Jaxon Cole

Alfredo Covarrubias
Amelia Covarrubias
Avery Craig
Legacy Croswell

Isla Davidson
Enslei Dowdy
Brett Dawson

Hadley Dawson
Skylar Dawson❤️
Juan De la Rosa

Vanessa De la Rosa
Paisley Dunn

Luke Duvel (LW)
Marina Espinoza❤️
Alexis Fahey
Jordyn Farmer❤️🩵
Skylar Favaro
Adam Fritz
Addy Fritz❤️🩵
Lexi Fritz❤️🩵

Knight Funderburk (JW)

Valor Funderburk (JW)

Kim  Gasca❤️🩵

Fernando Gasca

Lillie Gafford

Gianna Garcia
Willow Gauthreaux
Mayah Gonzalez❤️

Matthew Grant (LW)
Gracie Griffith

Jesse Guzman
Bethany Hall

Brian Hall

Emma Hampton (EW)

Brent Hardee

Ellie Hardee❤️

Harlow  Hardin
Addison Harris
Jennings Herrin
Heidi Holstein

Sophia Huckaby 

Jaycee Irwin

Ellie Isaacks

Carter Johnson (EW)
Sadie Johnson 

Ben Just 

Isabelle Just

Milah Just

Nathan Just 

Madison King

Eli Kipp

Brinley Kipp

Bowen Kirkman (JW) 

Shepherd Kirkman (JW) 

Jakob Knapp (EW)

Jeff Knapp (EW)

Caroline Koutros❤️

Micah Koutros

Olivia Lancaster (EW)

Trip Lancaster (EW) 

Addison Lasley
Cory Lasley

Ayanna Limones

Abigail Limones

Londynn Listenbee

Kieralynn Litchfield

Dan Litchfield

Isabelle Litchfield

Hope Lopez

Lana Lowrey 

Lance Lowrey

Mikah Lucas

Tinley Lucas (JW)

Kaleb Luce

Kaley Luce❤️ (JW)

Milo Maddalozzo

Bryce Majerczyk (EW) 

Sophie Mann❤️

Olivia Manuel

Rhys Marks (LW) 

Rylan Marks (LW & EW)

Ares McGinnis 

Savannah Morris

Ella Mosley

Nariah Moya

Jolene Musgrove

Samantha Perez

Junior Pierre 

Willa Pierre❤️

Wyatt Pierre

Kinley Pitman

Sawyer Pitman

Evan Power

Lola Power❤️

Ruby Power

Graham Prohaska (JW)

Tyson Prohaska (LW & EW)

Arely Ramirez

Casen Ramirez (LW & EW)

Kennedy Redmon

Caislea Reed (JW) 

Karlyn Reed (JW)

Luke Reed (LW) 

Jovie Reindl (LW)

Kathlynn Reinsel❤️🩵

Julie Reyna

Kendall Rich❤️

Matthew Rich

Braylie Ritchie

Abby Roberson (EW)

Brooklyn Robledo

Julieta Rodriguez

Carolina Salinas

Adalynn Sanders❤️🩵

John Schmidt

Kiri Schmidt

Ryleigh Shaw

Paisley Shearon

Paul Shearon

Olivia Shoquist

Mia Sifuentes

Kendrick Smith 

Malia Smith❤️🩵

Avery Storm

Emery Storm❤️

Landry Storm

Lorelei Street 

Madison Swoyer

McKenzie Swoyer 

Bella Tamez

Sadie Tamez❤️

Bentley Tischauser

David Turton 

Jesse Turton 

Bailee Tyra (LW)

Sadie Tyra (LW)

Everleigh Vazquez

Emma Viera 

Michaela View

Corey Wallace

Chanlee Sue Wiedemann❤️🩵 (EW) 

Jonathan Wiedemann

Kaitlyn Wooldridge (JW) 

Emma Wright 

Awards List

5, 10 & 15 Year Awards

Every year we present 5, 10 & 15 year awards. If you think your child/dancer is due to receive one of these, please notify the front desk. I would hate to not have a trophy for them! We are honoring the years of dance taken with Tammy's Dance Center. 

Dancers that left for 1 year and returned will continue with their number of years they have taken.

Dad's who've participated in dad's dance 5, 10, or 15 years will receive awards as well.

Before each recital, we will have award recipients meet on stage left front wing to be called for their trophy. Dancer will walk across the stage while having their bio read as the audience celebrates. If dancers have dances in the first few numbers, they will receive their award in their first costume. However, if they are 8 or more numbers in, they may wear formal attire as this is a very special moment and they deserve to look their best.

Trophies will be held back stage for dancers who must go on stage right away or a few numbers after we start the show. Otherwise, dancer's will take their trophy back to their dressing room.

We will post a final list by May 11th. If you have not notified us by this time, we cannot promise to have it listed in the program or have a trophy for presentation!

Please fill out this google awards form for the recital. (Only those getting 5, 10 and 15 year awards.)

Award Recipient - Click Here 


Kathynn Reinsel

Ellie Hardee

Addy Fritz

Lexi Fritz

Kimberly Gasca

Isabelle Just

Kaleb Luce

Lola Power

Carolina Salinas


      Henley Andrews 

Room Mom 

We rely on volunteers to be Room Mom and take care of all the accessories for the class. This year I will only need 1 per class to be in charge of handing out the headpieces and accessories. They will need to be taken up after pictures or rehearsal and then turned back in to the office (in case someone comes later in the week for a sibling picture) and then handed out again at recital. 

If you are organized and willing to help, please sign up at the front desk!

Recital T-Shirt

Dancer's recital shirt size runs can be found in the front office. Please select the size that best fits your dancer and fill out the form in person. If you fail to fill out the form by 5/10, we will have to guess your dancer's size. Your dancer's recital shirt is covered in the annual recital fee and is part of our recital package. 

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal is Friday, June 7th

at S.A.G.U.

Please click the link above for your dress rehearsal schedule. The times to the far left are what time you will need to go on stage!  We are known to run ahead of schedule so dancers need to be ready to go 30 minutes before their call time.

You can find your dances by finding their class time first and then make sure you have the correct teacher (we have 3 rooms that may have the same class time.) If you are unsure, feel free to ask the front desk for help.

We recommend printing the schedule out and bringing it with you as your program for stage rehearsal day.


Dress rehearsal is closed to family and friends! 

Each dancer is permitted 1 person with them at dress rehearsal. This means NO extra siblings, family members or friends. You will check in backstage and be given a wristband that will get you into the dressing rooms and into the auditorium.  Dressing rooms are shared by multiple classes and there isn't enough room for friends and extra family.

No dads or boys (of any age) are permitted in the girls' dressing rooms!

We will be checking wristbands on this day based on the number of dancers and their +1 and that will be all the wristbands we will have. Every year we have people who try to bring extra people with them and are not allowed past security so please be prepared for this.


Yes! Yes! Yes!

All dancers must be at stage rehearsal (unless Mrs. Hannah has given permission otherwise) in order to perform at the recital.


You will need to pickup your wristband at the check in table. This will get you back to the dressing rooms. You will need to repeat this procedure on Saturday.

After receiving your armband you can then proceed to your assigned dressing rooms.


Doors for stage rehearsal will open exactly at 4pm. If you're in the first 10 dances, we recommend you arrive at 3:40-3:45 to allow time for parking and gathering dance bags. Rehearsal tends to run early so arriving 30 mins to 1 hour before your call time will allow you plenty of time to find your dressing room, stretch, and be ready to go on stage!

Picture Week Info

General Info for Picture Week

Important Information

Recital Accessory List 

Please see your costume checklist page for details on appropriate tights and shoes. PLEASE NOTE, we keep all costume accessories and headpieces at the studio so they do not get misplaced. 


You are responsible for purchasing the appropriate tights. The color is listed on the class/time page.

If your dancer is in a tap/ballet combo, we suggest they wear their pink tights underneath their caramel to make quick changes go even faster! 

Group Pictures

Individual pictures are an option but we would like for everyone to be in the group shots. These are in the program and we would hate it if your child wasn't in the picture.

2024 Picture Week Schedule .xlsx
Picture Week Spreadsheet